Does Jeff Seid Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

There are many bodybuilders and celebrities have an aesthetic or well-defined physique.

All of them are often criticized by the consumption of anabolic steroid use and illegal drugs.

They all have done through natural way or by taking help from the steroids. (This is the main question among all).

Here in this blog, we are going to judge the Jeff, who is an icon of the fitness industry.

Who Is Jeff Seid?

Jeff is an ideal example of fitness for the younger generations and the most popular bodybuilder.

Jeff Seid is a 24-year old who has a good career in the sports and the bodybuilding.

The youngest Pro in IFBB history AKA bodybuilder, and men’s physique model

All-American wrestling champion and he is also the champion of high school football.

He was born in the year 1994. Jeff era is 2010 to now.

He has the quality of lean muscle mass, defined or athletic physique, and the six-pack Abs and has been incredible lean all year.

Jeff is an icon for the gym rats worldwide due to having an aesthetic physique.

Many body run best steroid cycles to transform their body with beast.

You can also say that Jeff is the father of the modern aesthetic crew.

The young generation inspired by his body and want to be like him and look more athletic and handsome.

Jeff has started shown his interest in the fitness when he was very young.

His parents give him the weightlifting book when he was only 12-years old.

The social media:

After making the history and becoming youngest Pro, he begins to expand the social media.

Jeff Seid is very famous and Idolized by many young people all over the globe for the building of lean, muscular, and aesthetic physique.

Jeff also poses the random videos in the social media.

He has over 2 million fans on the Facebook page and there are a lot of followers on different social connections.

After his success of journey in the very young age, he has started to gain popularity by the company “SeidWear” and the book called as “Guide to Aesthetics”.

Later on, Jeff has started to earn a lot of money from the social media.

The Jeff’s YouTube channel has almost 1M subscribers, 3M followers on the Instagram and Facebook pages, and some of the videos have 1M views or more.

Because he is a very famous celebrity actor and has a very defined and athletic physique, there are a lot of individuals asks whether he is a drug user or build up naturally.

Zac Efron has also quality muscle mass and it is considered that he could have taken steroids for the Baywatch.

The steroids are usually cutting steroids.

The majority of people think that Jeff could have taken help from the steroids.

There are many natural ingredients that boost testosterone levels naturally for bodybuilders.

Whilesome of the people predict that Jeff’s physique is a result of the modern improvement of nutrition and the training.

So, is he really natural or only want to impress the girls with his attractive physique. No matter what the cost?

Let’s take a look,

There are many ways to find out whether Jeff is on the steroids or completely natural?

I have mentioned some of the ways that can help to predict or judge the situation.

Before startjudging, it is mentioned that all of the evidence is based on the assumption.

Athlete Statistics Jeff Seid:

  • Weight of the body: 205-215lbs (88.5-93.0kg)
  • Jeff Seid height: 6’ (183cm)
  • Arms size: 18’
  • Body fat percentage: 5%-8%
  • Jeff Seid Age: 24 years old

This statistics was posted in the year 2014 and not updated. According to some resources, he is lower than normal stats in terms of weight.

The above statistics measurements are very lean and the impressive.

The measurement is well but, according to some sources, Serge Nubret AKA Black Panther has the same composition of the body.

He has a very similar statistics to the Serge Nubret in term of weight around 200lbs and the 7-9% of body fat.

Serge was not natural and the steroid use is most common in the Golden Era.

His weight is higher than a recommended range.

Other Bodybuilders:

The look Jeff Seid have similar to the look of Frank Zane.

Frank Zane, Mr. Olympia champion inspired a lot of beginner and bodybuilding fans for his aesthetic physique “V-shape”

This appearance is known as the V-taper look and most of the Golden age bodybuilders have this V- shape athletic physique.

One of the reason is that they all are use steroids within a moderate range thus, they did not develop a physique like a monster or a beast.

The physique of Jeff Seid is an ideal physique for most of the ectomorphs and hard gainers worldwide, Near to the level of Arnold and may famous bodybuilders of the Golden age.

Features Of Physique:

Jeff has a long spiky hair, Jacked muscles that areshredded to the bone.

If we look at the physical appearance of Jeff so, it seems that he has no desire to look like a monster, wide waist, and bloating belly.

Seid does not look like huge and like a beast, but he has good size that shows the perfect proportions.

Jeff Seid is in very well and defined shape of the body.

The main features are

  • Tiny Waist
  • Shredded Look
  • Broad Shoulders
Evidence that Shows Jeff SeidIs Natty:

There are many factors that depend upon the individual status of natty.

  • Genetics:

When anyone using the steroid, so the bulk up rapidly within a short period of time.

Build up the muscle is a natural and slow process, it takes time to show the result.

Many Phenq reviews and results claim to help celebrities and bodybuilders with lean body.

Jeff Seid has awesome genetics when it comes to the muscle building and burning of fat.

The steroid user can easily put the maximum muscle mass within a short period of time while the natural one requires more time for bulking because the natural phenomena are very slow.

The lifting of weight at a very young age contributes to gain the more weight and he has started all of his training at the very young age.

  • Training:

Jeff started the lifting of weight when he was only 12 years old. He has been lifting the weight since he was only 12 years old.

He has started lifting of weight since he was 9 years old.

If we see his pictures when he was 17 years old so, there is not a big difference

There is not any big difference when he was on 12 and comes to the teenager.

Means, he has gained naturally through exercises and training.

If we look at his recent pictures so, he has gained 195lbs with 5% of the bodyfat.

Jeff has undergone the rapid transformation from age 12 to the 21 years.

Does Only Training Play A Role To Develop An Aesthetic Physique?

There are many natural bodybuilders who have done the workout training in the gym. Some of the individuals are ended up with gaining enough size and put quality muscle mass.

But some of the men’s are ended up by gaining limited mass or stop gaining when they reach under a certain limit.

Nowadays, it is common to gain the weight by taking help from the anabolic steroid but, the natural one can build up the mass through a combination of the workout training, nutrition, and the genetics also plays a role.

The Genetics:

Have you ever noticed that some of the individuals have a good genetics?

They genetically get into the shape easily. Some of the guys are hitting the gym and that is absolutely amazing.

While few individuals get a very slow result to build up the muscle and burning of fat.

  • Acne:

Jeff has admitted that he has suffered from the acne breakout before he started lifting of weight.

The most of the steroid user is experiencing acne on the face, back, and shoulders.

But the acne sign is not experiencing in some of the individuals.

Taking phentermine supplements while bodybuilding can cause major side effects.

The reason of developing acne is that intake of steroids can increase the body androgenic hormone to stimulate the sebaceous gland for the production of oil.

The development of acne is depended mainly on the genetic. This sign is not necessary that everyone can develop

But, if you suffered from the acne during childhood so there are more chances that you are suffering from the acne breakouts.

The Jeff’s skin is very clear and look like natural in all of his pictures means he is not likely to take the anabolic steroid for producing the oil.

Jeff Seid Rapid Transformation and Gain Timeline:

Jeff has never undergone rapid transformation. He just gained from the efforts and hardworking since childhood.

His weight is around 120lbs and then he added 5 more lbs around 120lbs.

It seems like natural to gain the 5lbs within one year. The first gain is always more because there is a beginning of gaining.

At the age of 14 years old, Jeff has added more lbs to the normal range approximately 155lbs.

In the whole process of gaining, there is a total of 5% of the body fat.

You can see the changes in his physique from 12 to 13 years old.

At the age of 21, Seid has built up the 215 lbs.

He has gained 215lbs in the 10 years of training.

This makes perfect that all he has gained through natural ways such as the diet and training.

No Physical Sign Of Steroid Use:

If we look at his body for a sign of steroid use so, we can definitely find some of the signs.

Some of the sign definitely shows that it is developed due to the use of anabolic steroids.

There are many signs of anabolic steroid which may appear after some period of time.

Jeff does not have an appearance of gynecomastia, flushed skin, bloating or water retention. He has very clear skin and a baby face.

He has still an extreme head of hairs and none of any changes in the face structure.

The people who use steroids for a long period of time usually suffer from the thinning of hair and the baldness.

Gynecomastia is usually developed due to the imbalances of hormone like raises in the estrogen level as a result of steroid.

The color of the skin turns to dark because the steroid can increased the internal temperature and faster the metabolism rate.

He has a very healthy skin without any sign of flushed or dark color.

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